Teacher Becomes Paid Designer Overnight Thanks to AI

An unlikely hero has emerged in the world of freelance design.

A history and computers teacher, Nir Gottlieb from Israel, with no previous experience in design, and who is colorblind to boot, has stumbled upon a new career as a freelance designer overnight.

After experimenting  with Midjourney’s version 4, the teacher was so impressed with their quality that they decided to conduct an experiment. Nir opened a gig on Fiverr, offering to use Midjourney to create high-quality visuals for marketing at prices ranging from $5 for one photo to $30 for a package of 12 photos.

To spread the word about their new gig, the teacher turned to ChatGPT for help writing a Facebook post about the transformative power of AI in the fields of design and marketing. 

The post was a hit, and within 24 hours the teacher had received his first client: a user named avsnj1974 who asked for a soap label with ingredient information.

Despite not having the ability to include a list of ingredients, the teacher was able to create a stunning illustration and sent it along as a free sample.

The client was impressed and paid the teacher $5 for their work. The next day, avsnj1974 returned with another order of a soap label at an additional $5 cost.

Nir’s AI creations in Midjourney

In just one hour of work over the course of two days, the teacher had made his first $10 as a freelance designer.

While Nir has no plans to leave his day job, He is excited to continue his new hobby as a freelancer and even hoping to now sell his premium 12-image package to avsnj1974.

Want to learn more about Nir’s Story?

Join our upcoming Generative AI event on Jan 16th. Nir himself will be joining us as well to share his story.

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