10 Copilot Features You Don’t Want to Miss in 2024

This is for those who want to integrate AI with all of their Microsoft Suite products.

Microsoft has just rolled out a massive and thrilling update for Copilot, but the burning question remains – is it better than ChatGPT? In this article, we’ll dive into the myriad of actions and possible uses for Microsoft’s increasingly sophisticated platform. But first things first – stay in the loop! Subscribe to our mailing list and never miss an update, innovation, or information on new tools.

This is for those who want to integrate AI with all of their Microsoft Suite products.

Copilot is Now Available to Everyone!

  • Latest update – Copilot is now available to everyone, everywhere, on any device.

Online Photo Editing

  • Now you can create and edit photos directly with Copilot.

Copilot Pro

  • Access to Copilot’s most advanced AI capabilities, including building your own Copilot GPT.

Presentations with Copilot

  • PowerPoint – Convert Word documents into presentations. Create quick presentations from files, summarize long presentations into key slides, and add new slides with commands.

Mobile App

Copilot is available on Android and iOS phones. For now, you can use the Bing app on iOS to enjoy all Copilot features.

Available on Edge and Other Browsers

Bing Chat is now Copilot – usable in Edge, Chrome, Safari, and even on your phone. Want to see how to create a pop figure with Copilot and Edge in seconds? Check out the short guide below.

Data Analysis with Copilot in Excel

Instantly create professional charts from existing data with Copilot in Excel. Apply formulas/calculations based on commands, create visualizations like charts/graphs, summarize trends and insights from data analysis, and more.

Coding and Mathematical Calculations

Copilot includes the well-known Code Interpreter from ChatGPT. It can perform complex tasks such as more precise calculations, code writing, data analysis, visualization, mathematics, and more.

Text Processing with Copilot in Word

Copilot in Word allows you to easily draft a complete document with a simple command, efficiently summarize long documents, rewrite text sections or entire documents to be more concise or fit a certain tone, and more.

Access to GPT-4 Offers a Leap for Developers and Programmers

Copilot gives you practical access to GPT-4, or more precisely, GP4 powers Copilot Chat. Developers, programmers, and coders can use the chat as their code editor, enabling faster coding and quicker access to answers. It can identify security threats in code, find or fix errors, and solve bugs.

Build Your Own Copilots, GPT Style

Copilot allows for customization to build your own copilots (similar to GPTs). Train them on data and tailor them to your needs. Generate “cases and responses” based on triggers and program predetermined actions. This feature is available in the Microsoft Copilot Studio package, priced at $200 per month (quite pricey), but there’s also a free demo.

Details here. It’s a particularly versatile and premium platform – less suitable for private consumers.

Stay Updated and Ahead

Always keep an eye on the latest with Copilot. It’s a rapidly evolving field, and staying informed is key to leveraging its full potential. For more insights and detailed guides on using Copilot’s features, subscribe to our blog.

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