Top 30+ Anime Prompts for Midjourney


Anime is a universe that never ceases to amaze. From its intricate storylines to its vivid characters, it’s a genre that offers endless possibilities.

But what if you could contribute to this universe? Enter anime prompts for Midjourney, your gateway to creating mesmerizing anime art.

Quick Fact: Midjourney is an AI tool that’s a game-changer for anime art. Its Niji Mode is engineered to produce anime art that’s dynamic and character-centric. Learn more about Midjourney.

The Magic Parameter: –niji 5

Want to take your Midjourney anime art to the next level?
Here’s a little secret. Just add --niji 5 at the end of each prompt.

This parameter activates the Niji Mode, which is specifically designed for anime art. It’s like flipping a switch that turns your regular art into a masterpiece of anime aesthetics.

So, whether you’re drawing a samurai at sunset or a high school student discovering magical powers, don’t forget to add --niji 5 to your prompt.

Trust us, it’s a game-changer!

30+ Anime Prompts to Fuel Your Imagination

Here’s a list of anime prompts that can take your Midjourney experience to the next level:

  1. A samurai at sunset in Japan

2. An anime girl in a gym

3. Dragon Ball Super wallpaper in dark yellow

4. Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat in an atmosphere of darkness

5. A happy cartoon image in Pixar style

6. Terminator T-800 in a dark and horrific atmosphere

7. Mortal Kombat Scorpion with white eyes

8. A white female with white hair and a white halo

9. Dark red hair, black dress, silver hair in manga style

10. A colorful creature with big eyes and big teeth

11. Tao Julia in the style of hieratic visionary

12. Dragon Ball x Issou in dark yellow and light green

13. Negative tarot white background with colorful rose graffiti

14. A red, white, and green portrait in animated gifs style

15. A girl in karate attire in the ring

16. A seductive femme fatale in a dystopian cityscape

17 Anime girl in fancy clothing, pink and gold

18. Poster of women in black and red

19. A close-up of a person with pink hair in cyberpunk art

20. A drawing of a mermaid holding a spear

21. A villain from the Batman film series

22. A photo of a punk-inspired, edgy-looking young woman

23. A girl holding a weight on her hips

24. Mortal Kombat Reptile coming out of the forest

25. A vampire princess in royal garb

26. A karate girl art canvas in hyper-detailed renderings

27. An anime girl surrounded by cherry blossoms

28. A mech warrior standing in a futuristic city

29 A magical girl casting a spell

30. A chibi character eating sushi

31. A ninja stealthily moving through the night

32. A high school student discovering magical powers

Final Brushstrokes

Anime prompts are your creative catalyst. Whether you’re a Midjourney pro or a first-timer, these prompts are your ticket to creating art that’s not just eye-candy but soul-food.

So, what’s the hold-up? Unleash your creativity now!

What’s your favorite anime prompt from the list? How do you think AI is revolutionizing anime art? Got any tips for Midjourney newbies? Join our free midjourney course.


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